Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mussel Memories

Recently, Aaron and I shared this dinner of mussels in white wine broth. The mussels were on sale at Whole Foods so we snapped them up. The fish guy told us any shellfish is better as it gets into the colder months, so they would probably be delicious (they were). He also told us the new thing is to use beer instead of wine, which we will definitely be trying next time (who wants to buy a whole bottle of white wine, anyway?).

Enjoying them got us talking about all of the different mussels we've had and where we were. One of my first mussel memories is with Aaron at The Hopleaf in Chicago. We went back many times to enjoy them (and their great beer selection) while I still lived nearby.

Most of our best meals have involved mussels. We are more likely to order them at a celebratory dinner than dessert. Its the kind of people we are.

(If any one is interested, we sorta followed this recipe that is supposedly based off the Hopleaf's mussels. We doubled it because we each can easily eat a pound. The lack of garlic was noticeable, so definitely add some in and also go very easy on the celery, we had too much.)


  1. Hopleaf does have a fantastic beer selection! A friend and me went there for a Mark Z Danielewski "Only Revolutions" reading not long after it came out back in 2006.

  2. Mussels are great! Sounds like a good recipe too.