Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wisconsin vs. South Dakota

Today Aaron and I went our first game at Camp Randall. We have been wanting to go all month and were lucky enough to get free tickets through Aaron's office. Even though we are Michigan State fans, the Badgers have been growing on us since we moved here.

We didn't tailgate beforehand, but that wasn't a problem because we were in a box with a full bar and food menu.

We had a great view and enjoyed watching the Badgers destroy South Dakota. While the student section below us looked fun, I was pretty happy to be sitting in a comfy chair surrounded by somewhat drunk adults versus totally drunk and crazy college students. Plus our waitress was happy to bring us whatever we wanted... no yelling at some guy to pass you some popcorn. We also got to stay warm and dry when it started to rain!

Its unlikely we'll be in these seats again any time soon. We'll have to go back to being normal fans, baking in the sun or freezing in the cold while fighting for your space on the bleacher. There's nothing like Big Ten football and Camp Randall does not disappoint. I still plan to cheer for MSU when they play Wisconsin, which Aaron finds shocking since UW is now "my school." Old loyalties die hard though and pictures of a tiny me in MSU jerseys can't be forgotten.

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