Sunday, September 4, 2011

Drink of the week: Watermelon Mojito

Labor Day weekend is a welcome vacation, but its also a little sad since it marks the end of summer. Classes start on Tuesday, college football has begun, and its going to be 70 degrees or below all weekend. It is time to accept our fate: fall is in the air. I love fall and all of the pumpkin recipes that come with it, but summer is my favorite season. Here's one drink to help hold onto summer for a little longer.

After our wedding, there was one half bottle of rum left, which we happily took to Madison with us. We've been using it to make mojitos and normally we don't mess with the perfect mojito recipe. Sometimes when we go out we will order the flavored mojitos with the idea that they were going to mess it up anyway so we might as well try something new.

However, some summer fruit inspiration came to me, so with the last of our wedding rum we decided to get creative and make a watermelon mojito.

It was a good choice. Extremely refreshing and a good way to say goodbye to summer. Mint for $1 a bunch will no longer be available, so mojitos will have to wait until next May.

Just follow the recipe for our perfect mojito, and add 1/2 cup pureed watermelon to each drink.

FYI: Whole Foods also does high fructose corn syrup-free club soda. We aren't as adamant about buying it because we think of the club soda as more of a garnish instead of a key component to the drink.

Perfect with dinner.

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  1. You just read my mind. I was about to post my Watermelon Rose Mojito