Thursday, October 13, 2011

Capitol view of Madison

We sorta live in that direction.

Last weekend we took our friend Kristen to the Wisconsin State Capitol and climbed up to the top, where you can walk around the outside of the dome. Here are some pictures in case you were wondering what the view looks like from the top of the largest state capitol building.

Lake Monona/Monona Terrace. If anyone didn't know, downtown Madison is built on an isthmus between two lakes. We live in the isthmus-east area and the campus is west of the isthmus. Its confusing if you don't look at a map. Google it!

Also, those black things are dead birds caught in a net, presumably to stop birds from making nests under the dome. I thought everyone should know when you look at those pretty pictures of the capitol you are seeing a lot of dead birds.

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