Sunday, October 2, 2011

Diet Number 2

I'm gearing up for another diet. The Elimination Diet helped immensely by pin-pointing nightshade vegetables and coffee as things that upset my stomach, but all is not completely well. I experience some sort of digestion issue on average... once a day! Sometimes I'm lucky and it waits until I'm at home and can lay down and pout about it. Sounds fun huh? There comes a point when you have had enough and are willing to try pretty much anything.

The problem with the Elimination Diet was rice, lentils, and other starches were allowed from the very beginning. While I felt best at this time, I was mostly focused on not having the painful stomach aches that came from eating tomatoes and other nightshade vegetables. After months free from those stomach aches, its time to focus on the other issues. I guess this was inevitable and now is as good of a time as any.

I will be cutting out all starches over the next few weeks, which will mean not eating a lot of my favorite foods: sweet potatoes, pumpkin, bread, tortillas, beans, etc. To compensate for the protein in beans, we'll be having a lot more fish and eggs. It sounds horrible and I'm sure everyone will wonder just what I can actually eat now (I'm brainstorming), but I'm pretty optimistic that it will be worth it.

This week I have had my fair share of pumpkin, hummus, rice, acorn squash and lentils. For next week, I'm focusing on just avoiding rice, corn, and beans/legumes. Its a good start!

I'm going through all of my recipes to find ones that will be acceptable. So far I'm looking forward to trying some different salads and soups, and a lot of spaghetti squash. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I found your blog through APW, and reading some of your posts I realized you might be a grad student in Economics? I'm just asking because, well, so am I, haha. I live in Spain though. Although I applied to grad schools in the US, but ended up not going because of a few issues (it was a bit complicated for my partner to come with me, for one). Maybe I'll visit somewhere for a few months while I write my dissertation though, who knows. :)
    Anyway, love your blog!