Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Over the weekend, Aaron and I were lucky enough to visit some extended family who live near Duluth, Minnesota. If you look on a map, you'll notice that means driving all the way to the very top of Wisconsin. Northern Wisconsin is a strange place that reminded me a lot of northern Michigan, but with more cheese and tractors. It was also my first time in Minnesota, so I was excited to visit a new state. (Good news about Minnesota: the speed limit is 70, unlike the people of Wisconsin who insist on keeping it at 65.)

On Saturday, we drove literally into the middle of nowhere to the "Little Shack" complete with wood burning heater. We road four-wheelers, got muddy, and Aaron cut up some trees.

A beaver dam.


After stopping at the local bar, which really reminded me that I was in the middle of nowhere Minnesota, we watched MSU beat Wisconsin in a close game.

We were lucky to have a sunny and relatively warm day to actually enjoy being outside, because when we left to drive home the next day the weather was like this:

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  1. One more spring in Minnesota To come upon Lake Wobegon. Old town, I smell the coffee. If I could see you one more time.