Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mac and Cheese and staying positive

After a rough week of mid-terms and a bad cold, its important to focus on things I do well, like making this delicious pumpkin mac and cheese. It helps my health to stay positive. Since Aaron has been doing most of the cooking, I've become pretty disconnected from the kitchen. While I get a lot of school work done while Aaron makes dinner, sitting down to eat isn't as rewarding as when you spend time making the meal.

I made this macaroni and cheese earlier in September before grad school got out of control and it was a really filling, delicious weekend lunch.

It didn't seem right to share it then, since it wasn't really pumpkin season yet. Finally, after the week of sun and warm weather, we've had clouds, wind, rain and general spookiness that screams Halloween. For a while we were anticipating fall and I was planning cozy meals of soup and warm dishes, then it was 80 degrees outside and we didn't want to actually eat anything warm. Now, something like this pumpkin mac and cheese can be enjoyed hot off the stovetop.

Pumpkin Mac & Cheese. (we used aged wisconsin cheddar and think you should too!)

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