Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Firefighter's take over the square

This past weekend, one of my friends from college came to visit Madison. It was her first time here and with 80 degree weather and sun, we spent most of the weekend outside showing her around. It was a beautiful weekend (lucky for the 12 or so wedding parties we saw on Saturday)!

October is turning into a busy month. I have my first midterms this week and next and we're planning to be out of town for the next two weekends, then its Halloween, which is a big deal here. I can't promise I'll be posting a lot of stuff, but at least I can share some pictures.

Sunday we wandered into this fire fighter fair of some sort. At first we thought there was a fire, then maybe a parade, but turns out it was the start of "Fire Safety Week."

There were fire trucks everywhere and lots of little kids getting plastic hats.

Aaron: Wants to see which truck has the tallest ladder.
Kristen: Not impressed because her brother-in-law is a firefighter.

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