Saturday, January 7, 2012

Apartment Updates

We are finally starting to make our apartment look like a home people actually live in, instead of a storage closet, which is good because we are staying put for at least another year and a half. Our newest addition is a rug for our living room area, so we can FINALLY put up our glass coffee table. We have been using a little Ikea stool as a coffee table since August. That and the floor (haven't spilled anything yet!).

We decided to go with a solid style red. It works for now. I can't see us using it in the living room of future homes because I am going more for the grey and yellow color scheme. This is more of a hallway, kitchen or bedroom color rug to me, but we had to start somewhere and we really needed a rug.

The other thing we added was some decorative Christmas gifts. A digital photo frame I loaded up with wedding pictures and this beautiful frame Aaron's sister made with flower's from her bridesmaid bouquet:

(After putting this up I finally threw away my dried bouquet which had been sitting on the counter looking pretty pathetic since we got back from our honey moon.)

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