Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Day

For New Year's Day Aaron and I decided to make a special dinner. I think its important to ring in the first day of the year with something a little different and maybe a little bit fancy. We haven't had risotto in a while and I have been lamenting the lack of big scallops available to us when suddenly they showed up at our grocery store. So it was set, scallops and risotto.

Aaron wanted mushroom risotto and after our cashier encouraged us to try dried mushrooms, we used some re-hydrated shiitakes. Yuck. Watery, rubbery, hardly any flavor. They were highly disappointing and I'm glad I picked up some regular mushrooms to saute in there too.

We have never cooked scallops ourselves before, mainly because they are expensive (the five we bought set us back over $18) and they are so easily ruined if they are overcooked. With some butter and some luck we seared those suckers and only the bottoms stuck to the pan a little bit.

It almost felt silly to eat such a pretty meal on our little round table, but I hope a fancy New Year's Day meal is a tradition we can carry with us. We also watched three movies in a row but I don't know about continuing that tradition...

We ate our scallops and risotto with these two things:

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