Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baked Sweet Potatoes

I remember a time in my life when I thought guacamole/avocados were disgusting (it didn't last long, all I had to do was get over the green color and taste the amazingness to be hooked). I also can't remember a single incident of eating sweet potatoes before I turned twenty. Funny because now I eat these things all of the time. I even eat them together!

Baked Sweet Potato with Avocado Topping

This is the only way Aaron and I eat baked sweet potatoes. Admittedly its most delicious if you mix in some lime juice and goat cheese, but I'm redoing the elimination diet and that stuff isn't allowed. Its still really good with just mashed avocado, salt and pepper.

I do wish sweet potatoes didn't take so long to bake. An hour at 400 degrees is a long and hot time to wait. I don't microwave them though because you lose the crunchy skin. We bake them on tin foil, brushed with oil and topped with salt. When a fork goes in easily, just take them out, cut them open and stuff them with mashed avocado.

This is a really easy dinner, surprisingly filling. We had it last night with leftovers for lunch.


  1. Nancy and I are sweet potato and avocado lovers, so this is going to be delicioso!

  2. Yum, can't wait to get some sweet potatoes and try this.