Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I have been seeing "homemade nutella" various times throughout the year. One recipe, fromEleana's Pantry, finally caught my eye because it included ingredients I am familiar with and that sounded good to me.

I had leftover hazelnuts from Christmas gifts and then we received some agave nectar in a tequila set for Christmas, so I decided to use it to make this. I did not buy hazelnut oil, I just used olive oil and it still tastes fabulous. It is a little thick though, and the recipe suggests adding more oil to make it creamier. I didn't want to add more olive oil because I was afraid of the flavor. Next time I think I'll either buy hazelnut oil or use a little coconut milk or almond milk to thin it out.
Aaron has been eating it with pretzels.

See all the wonderful things you can make with a food processor?

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