Monday, May 14, 2012

Juicing Grocery List

Here is our grocery list for this week. We got some of it at the Farmer's Market and a lot at Whole Foods. Our fridge is stuffed to the brim! It was only about $50 over how much we normally spend on groceries.

4 cups green grapes
4 pears
6 limes
5 lemons
9 green apples
4 apples
2 mango
8 oranges

spinach/greens for lunches
36 carrots
12 small cucumbers
4 beets
7 cups swiss chard
ginger root
1/2 yellow pepper
bag of spinach
2 bulbs fennel
4 cups bean sprouts 
2 small sweet potato
19 sticks celery
4 green onions
2 large parsley
4 medium zucchini
10 medium tomato
1 red onion
2 broccoli trees
4 large bunches kale

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