Saturday, May 12, 2012

Union Terrace Chair

In the midst of all of the badness of final papers, exams, and presentations, I got some good news. I won a chair from the Union Terrace! This is the best place to get a pitcher of beer and relax on campus.

I filled out a student survey about the Union awhile ago that was promising a chair to a lucky winner, but I forgot about it until I got an email saying I won. Just goes to show that they actually mean it when they send out mass surveys and say you could win something.

The chair is white, which ensures that no one thinks I stole it from the actual terrace. The design is copyrighted and I had to sign a contract promising not to advertise or raise money with my chair. I was just planning to put it on our balcony and enjoy sitting on it. Now we just need to find a second chair for Aaron.

Here is a picture of the Terrace with the well known chairs:

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