Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Jobs and apartments. I have to look for both!

Unfortunately, when we moved into our apartment it had already been leased for August, so we didn't have the option of staying or going. Although the management company said they would ask if the people who want this apartment may be willing to take another in the building, they have yet to make good on that offer and haven't really responded to any of our messages (we also asked where we could move in the building and how much rent will increase for next year). They also haven't responded to our request that the horrible clog in the bathtub be fixed and luckily we have found a way around it (don't turn the water on very much). BUT anyway, unresponsive landlords are my least favorite thing and the parking situation here is not ideal.

Also, there is no air conditioning and Aaron hates washing dishes by hand, so it looks like we will be moving. A week after our wedding. Can you sense my excitement?

The real problem is Madison is full of a lot of college students and cheaper places get rented super early. We are finding nice places that we can still reserve for August, but its not top choice right now. The apartments we have seen so far are a bit too expensive. They fit the budget, but they aren't conducive to saving money to buy a house/condo in the near future. Especially if one of us is unemployed. Which brings me to the job search!

I have been applying to an average of one job per day, but haven't gotten many responses. So far, I had one interview on Monday and will have another next week. I am hoping to find a job that I actually enjoy, or at least with a company I can feel proud to work for, or somewhere I can walk to (meaning I am not applying to mall jobs... even if Potbelly's is hiring). Wish me luck on my search!

Another search is for perfect hamburger buns. Maybe you don't notice because you are too busy enjoy that juicy cow burger, but store bought buns really suck. They are either too soft, too processed, too expensive, flavorless etc. Lucky for me, my friend Jacqi sent me this recipe for great hamburger buns. Its not a ton of work once you get the hang of it and they are sooo good.

But I have to warn you, the buns get huge and you should definitely make more than 8. Probably 10-12 is more realistic. Obviously I didn't learn my lesson last time and ended up with huge buns, but don't do that.

Hi, I'm the dough that has come to take over your kitchen. In only one hour I have tripled in size and I'm going to keep growing!

And don't even get me started on these guys.... in 15 minutes I looked at them and they had basically doubled. By 45 minutes they had grown into each other and I had to separate the naughty buns.

(Notice the sad state of my cookie sheet. It was actually clean when this picture was taken. If you are trying to figure out what to get me for a birthday/bridal shower/wedding gift....)

Eat me. These were perfect for dinner with veggie burgers (made with baked beans... Aaron was really upset when he realized the baked beans were going into the burgers and not onto his plate). Also, fry an egg and make a breakfast sandwich with some spinach. Or if you are me you could eat this sandwich any time of day YUM.

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