Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Picnic

Easter candy, eggs, and general celebrating foods aren't part of my elimination diet right now. Still, I wanted to do something special for the holiday, so we went on a picnic.

After a light breakfast, we packed up some food and went to the appropriately named Picnic Point to explore and hopefully find a nice place to eat. Picnic Point is a little peninsula on Lake Mendota with trails and beaches. Its about a mile walk from the parking lot to the tip of the peninsula, so we got some exercise in too (the gym was closed for Easter).

Apparently the lake is dirty and not great for swimming, but its nice to look at.

After checking out the point, we walked back to a bench overlooking the water to eat lunch. This was our view:

The tallest building is the Capitol.

There were a lot of cardinals flying around.

It was so nice to get some sun and look out at the water. A lot of ducks were going by and Aaron tried to entice them with some sour grapes, but they weren't interested. Another cool thing about Picnic Point is they have a lot of fire pits and it looks like wood is provided, which would be really fun in the summer.

Happy Easter!

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