Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We Voted!

Thanks to the amazingly easy way you can register to vote in Wisconsin (right at the polls with a myriad of identification or proof of residence (even bring a friend who will vouch for you!)), we were able to vote in the spring elections yesterday.

If we weren't able to register at the polls, I'm sure we wouldn't have voted. With all of the crazyness around moving and settling in, the last thing on our minds was registering to vote for a would-be somewhat insignificant election day. After the anti-union and budget events, the election became a much larger deal and I'm happy we were able to vote!

Unfortunately, the Governor wants to change how registration works in WI... like mandate a state issued photo id with current address, etc. This would stop students from voting who aren't going to spend 28 bucks on a new i.d. every year (most students move every year you know). That would be a shame.

I was most interested in the Supreme Court Justice race and it looks like my choice won, although it is very close. Also, the new Mayor used to work where I do now.

And now proof that food can be delicious, even on a strict diet. Here is my lunch for tomorrow:
Lentils, salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and spaghetti squash over mixed greens.

And here is Aaron's lunch.....
Frozen soup! haha. Well, hopefully it won't be frozen by the time he eats it tomorrow. Its this sweet potato with collard greens soup, sans the sausage and plus adzuki beans.

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