Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wedding Planning: Gift Registry

About a week ago, Aaron and I completed another wedding task: registering for gifts.

We love to cook, so registering at Williams-Sonoma about two months ago was fun and pretty effortless. Unfortunately, their plates, silverware and other little things run towards $400 a set, so we needed another store to round out our registry.

After discussing it with our newly married relatives, we chose Bed, Bath & Beyond. The registry consultants were very helpful... although their insisting we need 3 sets of towels per person and 3 sets of sheets was a little much. Yes, eventually we will want more towels and sheets, but for now we will live in a 1 bedroom apartment with 1 linen closet.

I have no problem with gift registries because I love buying people something they actually want (and I'm not super great at figuring it out on my own). Still, it felt weird to have all of our choices out there, as if we are demanding gifts. Especially the expensive things (pots/pans, knives set). I know we will likely end up purchasing those things on our own after the wedding, but adding items over $100 felt somewhat outrageous.

The weirdest part about registering? Walking out and feeling like you have spent all your savings, even though you didn't spend a penny. Also feeling like you just got a ton of cool new stuff! Then realizing you didn't get anything.

Next up: ordering invitations and figuring out some important wedding day logistics (how will we get around and what will our guests be sitting on?)

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