Saturday, April 9, 2011

Opus Lounge

Justin's Yellow Jacket and Water for Chocolate

We have found a few bars/restaurants around here that we enjoy and have gone to pretty frequently. But there are so many great places to hang out in Madison, so last night we decided to try somewhere new.

We were looking for cocktails, since beer has wheat and yeast in it and we haven't added that back into the diet yet. Ok well technically alcohol isn't allowed yet either, but we have cut out all alcohol in cooking and the glass of wine or beer that we often have for dinner, so one night a week I figured it would be ok. Also, I stuck to the drinks with mixtures that are allowed on the diet (no chocolate for me... that one is Aaron's).

Opus Lounge is a few blocks from the Capitol and a nice walk from our apartment, plus their drink menu looked pretty amazing. Check it out. All of the drinks were created by staff and our bartender was helpful in recommendations.

Justin's Yellow Jacket was my favorite, with Hendricks gin, pear and alpine herbs, topped with champagne. Aaron also really liked it, but his Water for Chocolate with orange was a delicious take on a chocolate martini (none of the creamy frothy stuff).

This is definitely a place I want to go back to, to try pretty much every martini on the menu. But if you did look at the drink list, you noticed the prices are a little steep, so we'll have to limit our visits. Maybe we'll save it for when special people are visiting? hint hint.


  1. The menu looks fabulous. Prices look normal to me because I have been ruined by New York.

  2. Being in the industry has ruined me--anything craft-ish below $10 or $12 is a deal in my Those prices are right on par with ours. All of our signatures are 8, and people mostly don't mind paying it. I think more people these days understand that you're using premium liquors that are already about 6+ or so without other liquors and special mixers, so of course an extra two dollars for something great is worth it. That's quite a huge drink list, though! Wow! Our new manager seemed to think our twelve signatures was extensive...I'm used to about 30 signatures at most restaurants around these parts.

  3. You should try your sister in law's cocktails!

  4. haha yes, I was thinking of Lindsay while we were there. I definitely agree that the prices are reasonable, especially since it was only top shelf. Definitely worth the price!