Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our perfect mojito

The perfect mojito, served in my birthday mug from The Nitty Gritty
Aaron and I love to drink mojitos (which is why we will be serving them at our wedding reception). However, its hard to find a bar or restaurant that makes a truly good mojito to suite our tastes.

We like them made with a LOT of mint, simple syrup (no grainy sugar), and very little club soda (the smaller the splash the better). While we have found a few bartenders who, with a little instruction, make them just right, we prefer to make them ourselves. Its cheaper and we know the drink will be perfect.

We also grow our own mint for this purpose. Unfortunately, it only produces enough for one of our extremely minty mojitos a week. Fortunately, the farmer's market has large bunches of mint for $1.

Here is our perfect recipe:

Muddle together in a cool glass:
1/2 a lime, cut into quarters
2 shots of rum (we normally use Bacardi Superior and it tastes just fine)
2 tablespoons of simple syrup
12 mint leaves (at least, we have been known to add up to 18)

Fill the glass with ice. Stir.
Add a tiny splash of club soda to top it off (from Whole Foods, made with real sugar!).


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