Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Birthday Present

Two weekends ago was the anniversary of my birth. On Friday after work, Aaron gave me a card with this inside of it:

After much deliberation, I chose a bike. Aaron wanted me to get a smart phone so we could use it as a GPS, but I told him if he wanted me to have a smart phone, he shouldn't have given me a choice. He also was smart enough to write "new bike" because I did try to talk him into just getting a used one.

On Saturday, we went to Erik's Bike Shop to look at a couple of bikes. Their store downtown is small and therefore not so overwhelming. I took a few test drives and we finally settled on a bike, but had them put it on hold so we could hurry to my birthday dinner.

We had a fabulous dinner at Sardine's (sauteed morels and mustard greens over chilled asparagus? best salad ever). Our waitress was great, understanding of my food situation, and let us take some time to relax between appetizers and dinner. We had a great night and woke up prepared to get my birthday present!

After working out (it was my birthday and I said so) we picked up this beautiful thing.

And of course all of the accessories to keep me (helmet) and it (lock) safe. It is super fast, comfortable, and fun to ride. Now I'm waiting for Aaron to get a bike so we can take long rides on the weekends!

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