Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wedding Planning: Reception Music

We are nearing the end of our wedding planning, with exactly 1 month to go!

Its time to finish all of the details that get pushed aside while you focus on the big stuff. Right now the major concerns have been the ceremony and music. I have to admit, the only song we have thought about up until this week is what to play for our first dance.

Last night we listened to about 100 songs as possibilities for the bridal party entrance. Its a tough choice. We want it to be fun but not obnoxious and something our bridesmaids and groomsmen could get into. This one will take some thinking about.

But there are a lot of other songs to pick out. Father/daughter and mother/son, garter/bouquet toss, and do we really want to do the chicken dance?

We also want to come up with a list of some must plays and some songs that we think would be fun if there is time to play them. Luckily we have an awesome DJ and Ruth sent me what they used for their suggested play list, but we are a little different from Ruth and Sean and need your suggestions!

Since we have been pretty this year, neither of us have been following new music much (well, Aaron never does). You can help by throwing out some songs for our consideration that you would love to dance to. Having people dance is very important to us, so consider it your duty as a wedding guest. Your dancing will make us really happy.

So lets here your favorite dancing tunes, and don't forget to bring change for the dollar dance!

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  1. YES DO THE CHICKEN DANCE. Look how much fun you had doing it!