Friday, June 3, 2011

Wedding Prep: Bridal Shower

The main reason Aaron and I went home last weekend was for my bridal shower, although we managed to fit in a lot of other wedding related business as well. Aaron's aunts Jennifer and Monica hosted my party at Jennifer's house in the middle of no-where Michigan. They got a tent in case it rained, but luckily the weather held off until everyone had left and it was a beautiful afternoon.

Ruth and Aaron's cousin in law, Callie, also helped a lot (along with Sean, who made the margaritas) and my bridesmaids did a lot to get things organized and set up right before the party. Thanks to everyone's hard work, I had a great time and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too (the margaritas helped).

Looking at baby pictures of Aaron.

I also got a lot of wonderful gifts that Aaron and I will put to use as soon as we move into our new apartment... although we did take a few small things with us. We really needed that ice cream scoop and the apron was too cute to leave behind. Oh, and also the moonshine!

Would have been a great picture if mom opened her eyes!

This one is a great picture!

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