Saturday, June 4, 2011

Elimination Diet: Eggs

This past week I added eggs back to my diet and it was fabulous. I don't have a favorite food but eggs are definitely at the top of the list, especially for weekend breakfasts. Luckily I haven't had any issues with digesting eggs.

Eating eggs means we could finally buy the beautiful eggs from the farmer's market. We got some big ones this week!

We used the eggs to make a delicious asparagus frittata.

If you've never made a frittata before, you should try it. Its a quiche without a crust and an omelette without so much fuss. You pop it in the oven and leave it for a while, without having to stand over it like an omelette. I use a cast iron skillet, so I can cook the ingredients and the eggs in the same pan, but you could use any oven-safe dish.

Here is a good basic recipe, although I usually cook it for 18 minutes at 375F.

We also got this great egg poaching pan at my bridal shower, so we can finally poach eggs without the mess it makes in a pot. I will put a fried or poached egg on top of almost anything to make a meal (spaghetti is especially good), so having the option not to fry is nice.

Besides the occasional fish, I've been eating vegan since March! Guess what, its actually not that difficult. Being vegan is probably not for me, although I do limit my animal product consumption as much as possible. But I love eggs and enjoy cheese and ice cream at least sometimes.

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