Sunday, August 28, 2011

Orton Park Festival

Our new neighborhood is proving to have a lot of advantages and this weekend it was living 2 blocks away from this: Orton Park Festival. Orton Park is full of trees, a playground, a gazebo, and a basketball court. Its a nice park that we've walked through before, making sure to steal the swing set from little children. We checked the festival out each night.

Thursday night we watched the aerial dance performance by Cycropia. It was pretty astounding. They had ropes hanging from the limb of a huge old tree, which they attached different contraptions to for the show. It was family night, so the place was teeming with kids and smelled like bug spray. We watched for a little bit and Aaron kept wondering what would happen if the tree branch cracked. Luckily, it didn't!

Friday night we caught the tail end of the music performance and got there in time for another Cycropia show. We didn't feel like fighting for a spot and had seen most of it the night before, so we grabbed beer and sat at a table to enjoy people watching. We were tired after long days at work though, so we went home early, knowing we would come back for more the next day.

After a busy morning of the farmer's market and shopping, we spent the afternoon looking at the art vendors and playing frisbee. While an auction was going on, we sat down to play cards. This is Aaron hiding his face from the camera. He is hiding his tears because he just lost 4 times:

Sometimes I have to let him win so he'll keep playing.

Saturday night they had two pretty great bands. The Great Lake Swimmers were awesome just for the fact that they have a banjo player (and bass and violin). A little known fact about Aaron and I is that we have both been mildly obsessed/in love with banjos since we were little kids. Our plan is to buy one and learn how to play it.

Next up was Lyrics Born from San Francisco. Although the music was less of the style I normally like, my goal was to dance and they definitely made that happen. We danced A LOT and then we snuck backstage to tell them how much fun we had.

We topped the night off with a stop at the Weary Traveler to play Yahtzee. Aaron won twice, but that was just me making up for the card game earlier.

It was the perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. Although classes don't start until after Labor Day, last week was the end of full time work for me. Today orientation activities start and I need to gather all of my school supplies (books, i.d., bus pass etc). I feel like a freshman, but cooler!

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