Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Scenes

Some things we did this weekend:

Went to the farmer's market early on Saturday and picked up this zucchini bat, among other great things.

Played with our new grill and ate some of the best sweet corn ever (from the farmer's market).


We also went to see Harry Potter, used our food processor for the first time, and unpacked A LOT more. In between that stuff, we checked out various neighborhood places including a bakery, a breakfast place, a kitchen store and a bar.

Oh and we made margaritas for the first time ever with some tequila we brought back from our honeymoon.

And Aaron broke out the waffle iron and made these for breakfast on Sunday:

Yum again. Please note when Aaron started making waffles I fully believed I could eat four waffles (what the waffle iron makes in one shot). What actually happened is I only ate the waffle on the right. I ate the waffle on the left for lunch. Ditto for Aaron. They were filling (whole wheat flour) and my waffle eating aspirations were crushed.

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