Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The View

When we toured the apartment we now live in, we were told there was a great view of the courtyard. We got excited because we really wanted a deck. When we got to the door and looked outside, we saw this:

Looks nice huh? But if you point your eyes (and camera) up a little further, you actually see this:

Uh huh, very nice courtyard. We found the view humorous and still took the apartment.

When we moved in, we discovered that the deck is much bigger than we remembered. There is room for our grill and for our basil and mint plants which were barely hanging on after almost two weeks of baking indoors while we were gone for our wedding/honeymoon:

Now they can stretch out and enjoy the sun and rain. The spiders keep them company.

And the cicadas, which also keep us company with their lovely humming sound.

Next up is to purchase some cheap chairs to put out here. We dragged our dining table chairs out here once, but it'd be nice to have permanent residents so we can enjoy that lime green house every evening.

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