Monday, August 22, 2011


Saturday started off miserable. We got up at 7:00 to head to the farmer's market. It was raining but we were determined. In reality, our internet wasn't working so we couldn't check the radar. If we had been able to, we would have realized that the storm was going to blow over in approximately a half hour and we wouldn't have gotten totally soaked trying to grab some $1 green beans.

We came home, changed, recovered, and watched the sun come out. Since it was now a beautiful day, we decided to head back downtown to work out and walk around.

Aaron at Monona Terrace.

We stopped at Marigold Kitchen to get some of their house made Chai and drank it while enjoying this view.

After wards, we walked to a park about 2 miles from our apartment (long walk) to play frisbee and drink PBR on the lake.

The best view was of this guy who I think was doing some form of Tai Chi, but I'm not an expert. Just a typical Saturday afternoon!

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