Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vacations and Exercise

I love travelling and vacations. One thing that fuels my fire to work and live (besides helping people and making the world a better place and all of that jazz) is the opportunity to travel. The only problem is eating out for every meal and not being able to get the same/as much exercise.

Maybe this isn't a problem for a lot of people, but all of those meals that are light on the vegetables and heavy on the butter, cream, cheese and carbs start to take their toll on me after only one day.

Add in a wedding and moving into a new apartment and we have two full weeks without going to a gym! Just enough time to lose all of that muscle we've worked so hard on the last few months. Of course, our resort in Mexico did have a nice looking gym, but Aaron didn't allow me to go. He even got mad when he caught me doing push-ups in our hotel room. You can see who is more committed to fitness in our relationship.

Even if we had been going together, I would have found it difficult to skip this wonderful beach for an hour working out. A relaxing breakfast and sipping mojitos by lunch leaves little time for the weights.

Yesterday was our first day back at the gym since the Monday before our wedding and it was glorious. It cleared my mind and although I was a little depressed about back tracking in weight lifting, I felt better knowing I will at least be making progress soon.

My goal for vacations in the future (even long weekends) is to find ways to exercise every day. It is hard because I can't run (I use an elyptical or bike for cardio) and walking a lot doesn't feel like exercise to me. I'd be interested in hearing other people's ways of staying on track while their schedule changes!

There isn't much I can do about the food. I tried to pick the healthiest options, but a restaurants a restaurants a restaurant. Maybe opting for vacations at places with kitchens would be a good idea, then at least one or two meals a day can be what I'm used to eating.

After the whole move, I made an effort to unpack the kitchen first (and I'm still unpacking it). This way, with the exception of pizza on monday night, we have been able to cook our meals and start getting back into our regular diet. I'm finally starting to feel somewhat normal and soon you'll be seeing some of the delicious food we've been eating!

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