Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Kitchen Stuff- Part 1: Pots and Pans

This past weekend Aaron and I celebrated our own little Christmas. After paying some outstanding wedding bills, we were able to evaluate the gifts we got and decide what to purchase on our own. When we first registered at William-Sonoma, we new we would be buying most of the things ourselves, but that would be ok because you get 10% off everything after your wedding.

When we registered, we spent a lot of time debating what brand, what model, and how much of each thing we wanted. On Saturday, we tried to remember that and not dwell too much on this or that, and just pick up the things on the list! We knew we wanted to get our food processor, but as we were walking around we started to look at the pot/pan set we had picked out. They were so pretty... and so sturdy.

We stood in front of them and debated for a little bit. The next stop was going to be Bed, Bath and Beyond to get our Global knife set with the help of some gift cards. It was hard to swallow so many large purchases in one day. Fortunately, paying for our wedding has taken away the fear of 4 digit payments and we decided to buy the pots and pans.

We've got a lot of boxes...

It was exciting and all in all, we got the food processor, 10 piece set of All-Clad D5 cookware, and a myriad of smaller items (graters, scrubbers, spoon rest etc) for much less than expected.

It even came with a free gift! Don't need the roasting pan anymore when we have this guy. I know its for lasagna, but its just begging to have some sweet potatoes or beets roasted in it.

We also were very lucky. We were looking for a sautese pan that had gone on major sale between the time of us registering for it and the time of our wedding. They were out of stock. Luckily, later in the day we got a phone call saying another couple had recieved TWO of these pans and was returning one, which we would get for the sale price! (It was originally $245 and was on sale for $80.)

While I was excited for the sturdier, high-quality pots, I was most looking forward to acquiring this:

So many recipes need a large surface and deep pan. We have been getting by with one IKEA non-stick skillet pan. It's small and limits what we can make! Now its taking a trip to St. Vincent for someone else to use.

Thank you to everyone for your gifts of cash that have allowed us to upgrade from IKEA to All-Clad! We plan to have them for many years to come.

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