Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 year olds are funny

Since I'm home in Michigan for a week and left my camera in Wisconsin, I thought I would share some great quotations I saved from working with pre-schoolers during my last job. Enjoy the wise, random, and often hilarious words of 2-4 year olds:

Me: What is your favorite place to go outside of school and your house? It could be a park, or a babysitter's house, or your grandparents.....
Kid: My favorite place is Wal-Mart.

Kid: My stomach hurts a lot. When it hurts it means I have to poop.

Kid 1: We don't have cable!
Me: Thats ok, I don't have cable either.
Kid 1: We're waiting for my mom to get money.
Kid 2: My dad doesn't got any money.

Kid 1: Ms. Miriam, I feel sad.
Me: Why?
Kid 1: Because I have sleepy eyes.
Kid 2: I close my eyes, and then I wake up.

Me: Does anyone know what a neighbor is?
Kid: Its a stranger who will come take you away.

Kid: I can't go to Halloween because I'm a Jehova.

And my ultimate favorite...
Kid: If I don't pee my momma is gonna whoop me!

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