Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Gift Idea 1

After I wrote that post yesterday about job searching I got a call for another interview! I guess talking about it helps.

This time is for a server position at a seemingly cool restaurant that has a lot of Belgian Beer on tap. This is the first response I've gotten from a restaurant; apparently my high-school retirement-home waitressing experience doesn't impress. It should though. What do retired people have to complain about since they can no longer complain about work? Food. Especially the jello flavor.

Anyway, I was really good at waiting on them and I think I could do the whole thing ten times better knowing I was working for tips.

So I wanted to let everyone in on a little secret and give you a great gift idea for our upcoming wedding.

All that bread Aaron and I have been making? And those delicious cinnamon rolls some of you tasted before we moved? You need to take its temperature before you add the yeast, or you kill it! Some people rely on feel, which I aspire to someday, but for now I only trust the thermometer.

Except we don't have a kitchen thermometer!

Instead, we have this................

Much more expensive ($100 more) than a kitchen thermometer.

And its actually made to measure air temperature... I think.

This is the point that reads temperature. I stick it in water, milk, butter, etc. to get that 106-110 degrees yeast needs to survive. Then Aaron takes it to work and uses it because he likes it better than his work issued thermometer. Yuck. I just realized none of this is sanitary.

Oh and it has this clipper on the end that Aaron pinches me with. Help!

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