Friday, March 11, 2011

Photos from yesterday

Not much time to write today since are going to Kalamazoo for the weekend and wedding stuff. I have a lot left to get ready!

Below are some pictures I took yesterday while I was at the capitol protesting for most of the day. One door was open, so I waited in line for a long time to get in and you will notice how empty the building looks compared to the pictures from Wednesday night. We had to go through metal detectors to get in, which was ridiculous. No one has brought a weapon the whole time this has been going on. On the news, they were talking about how police were worried it would be too loud for the assembly to meet and I believe that is the real reason they bolted all the windows and doors, except for one entrance.

more pictures: My flickr account

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  1. Great pictures, and glad you were part of this. It's a civics lesson about democracy in action. The SHAME and the die-in are worth thousands of words each. It's what this is all about. It's going to happen in Michigan, I'm sure. Even though the new Guv has some lick of sense, a lot of the newly elected state house/senate members are somewhat "drunk on their tea".