Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back with Dumplings

After a week in the Mitten State, I'm finally back in Madison with something to write about, with pictures. This is what we made for dinner tonight: Vegetable Dumplings. Yum.

It was supposed to be a "quick" dinner, but making the dough and assembling took a little while. Once the dumplings are together its really easy and fast to cook them. We did not do the thing where you add water to hot oil and steam them, but that's mostly because Aaron used a lot of oil to fry these suckers. They were less dumplings and more strangely shaped egg rolls.

He went to work at 6 this morning and is tired.

Recap of Michigan visit:
  • Sold my Subaru (sad).
  • Spent time with some good friends and family.
  • Ate out a lot.
  • Ordered wedding flowers.
  • Had a wedding dress fitting (sans the previously purchased shoes, oops).
  • Realized I'm allergic to cats.
  • Celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Jackson
  • Felt cold the whole time because I'm used to this 80 degree apartment!
We also had a great Saturday night in Madison enjoying the good weather and beer. All of the eating out and drinking have made me feel more ready than ever to start an elimination diet this coming weekend. More about that later! And more coming up about school, work and pizza.

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