Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend Destinations

This weekend Aaron and I visited quite a few new places, which I summarized below.

Woodmans: A grocery store that is reminiscent of a huge Aldi. We went here to buy beer because we heard they had a good selection. The problem was, we couldn't find the beer! The store was kinda scary because the ceilings were low and the carts were very high. I didn't like it at all. Plus, it took ten minutes to walk through the refrigerated sausage section.

We walked around the whole thing looking for alcohol, before giving up. Apparently, the alcohol is in a separate area which we found by driving around the parking lot. They do have a good selection, but the whole place smelled like a bottle return. GAG. I hate the smell of bottle returns sooo much, they make me feel gross.

Despite the lure to look at all the varieties of beer and liquor, I wanted to get out of their as fast as possible. We did pick up a bottle of Layer Cake Malbec for $12, so I guess it was worth it, but I told Aaron he would have to go by himself next time.

Pros: Maybe you can get a good deal on something!
Cons: Smells like shit.

Paul's Club: We went here after dinner on Friday to get a beer. I heard it was cool because there is a tree in the middle of the bar. A real huge tree! The seating was mostly lounge chairs/couches or bar seating, which made for a really relaxed experience. They also had a good beer selection, but it smelled like an old wet shoe inside. Obviously the thaw on Friday made for interesting smells.

Pros: Good beer, comfy seats, nice people watching.
Cons: Well, hopefully it won't smell like a shoe every time we go.

Barrique's on Monroe: I went here Saturday afternoon for a book-club meet up by A Practical Wedding (a great wedding/marriage website that isn't all about the homemade mint jelly the bride and groom made for favors). I didn't read the book, but I did have a great time talking to some intelligent and interesting women!

Barrique's is a cafe/wine cellar, which is a cool combination I haven't seen yet. Most importantly, the soy cappuccino I got was super frothy and probably the best one I have had.

Cooper's Tavern: I have been wanting to check out Cooper's Tavern since we moved here. I walk by it everyday and the lunch specials always look good. We didn't feel like making dinner, so we went for a walk around the Capitol and decided to stop here to get an appetizer. We grabbed seats at the bar and chose from the huge variety of draft beer.

Instead of getting one of their appetizers (bone marrow?), we decided to share an entree because they had mussels which we are incapable of turning down. Yum over all, and the atmosphere was pretty great, loved the fans turning on a pulley system.

Pros: Lots of beer, nice bartenders, interesting food.
Cons: They call themselves "The" Cooper's Tavern... and that is weird.

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