Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snowy Day/ Rant about "Man" Food

On Monday, I watched the local weather guy spew about how it was going to be 40 degrees all week and it would probably rain but would totally be too warm for snow.

Uh-huh. This is why I try not to watch the weather or look up the weather beyond predictions for same day temperatures. They are so wrong most of the time. So wrong weather guy, it has snowed twice already this week and its only Wednesday.
Yup, thats about four inches of "solid rain"
Well, waking up to this scene makes me want to stay inside my 80 degree apartment all day wearing a tank top and shorts, while cooking. Then I can pretend its summer or I live in a tropical climate.

I'm going to make this beer bread again. Yes, it was that good, good enough to make again in a couple weeks. That is a huge deal for me. I actually found the recipe for this bread because it was described on Food Gawker as making the perfect "man" sandwich. Any food described as a "man" anything grabs my attention, because I think it's bullshit. Yeah, adding bacon or beer to anything makes it perfect for men because that's all they eat and all women eat are salads! (unless the salad is doused in bacon and beer dressing, then its for men, get it?)

Seriously. I hate bacon so whatever with that, but the whole "Women Don't Like Beer" thing annoys me. I actually don't purchase a lot of beer because their advertising is so insulting to women. I guess they don't care that women are half of the population and they could possibly tap into that. Luckily, most microbrews don't advertise yet, so I can still boycott the sexist ones while enjoying all the good beer.

Here's an interesting commentary on how beer commercials make women look like objects and men look like sex-obsessed idiots.

Anyway, the bread is so good I am willing to look past the major labeling error.

I am happy to have my interviews over for the week so I can relax. But I can't really relax because I should be applying for more jobs. I did learn that having four interviews in two weeks means I don't really get nervous about interviews anymore! It's too much work to be nervous for so many days. Fingers crossed, I get one of the jobs.