Friday, March 4, 2011

The Gym

One of the first things I did when we moved to Madison was scope out the gyms. At $50 and up per month, they all seemed a little too pricey for a one paycheck budget. But after a week of being cooped up in the apartment, I realized that a gym membership was necessary for my mental well being and I joined one the very next day.

I looked at both gyms near the capitol building and chose Pinnacle over the more popular and decidedly larger Capitol Fitness. The people at Pinnacle were wayyyy nicer to me, made me feel welcome, and did not try to impress me with their classes or bribe me with a restaurant gift card. Since I don't take fitness classes much, I don't care if yoga is free or not. I was lost at Capitol Fitness and felt like they don't care if you join or not because they have enough members anyway. So if anyone from there reads this (ha): be nicer to people who come for a tour. Also, don't assume that I don't know how to use a bosu properly. Rude!

Anyway, I love the gym and it is totally worth paying for. I have been working out for an hour everyday and feeling pretty great.

Most of you know I worked at the student gym at Roosevelt throughout college, which meant I spent a lot of time there working out and working for money. It was very convenient.

I also worked with a personal trainer who liked to torture me by giving me really hard workouts and then laughing when I came in to work sore the next day. One of his favorite torture moves was the walking lunge. 3 sets of 3 laps around the fitness area and you can be sure you won't be walking normally the next day. I hated them with a passion.

Given those horrible memories, I'm not sure why I decided doing lunges would be a good leg workout for Wednesday. I guess pain fades with time. After I had surgery on my right foot, it was hard to do lunges because of the feet bending, so maybe I was testing my foot. Whatever the case, I convinced myself it wouldn't be so bad.

OH MY GOD, I was so wrong. So so wrong. I only did 100 walking lunges or so in total and yesterday I could hardly move. Don't get me started on going down stairs or the worst of them all, trying to sit down on the toilet. It's enough to make you hold it.

By last night, I was basically waddling. Of course, today would be the day I have a two mile walk to a job interview because I hate driving/street parking. Maybe Aaron will pick me up.

P.S. No pictures because taking pictures inside a gym is sorta weird.
P.P.S. I'm totally going to do lunges again to prove to myself how strong and wonderful I am. It hurts worse the first time right?

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