Monday, July 30, 2012

Leon Trotsky Museum

Well it has been a couple of weekends now, but when we visited the Casa Azul my co-worker and I also went to the Leon Trotsky museum. It is a couple of blocks away from la Casa Azul. Leon Trotsky and his wife had political asylum in Mexico and were living with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, but then moved to their own home when Leon and Frida started hooking up (according to the Frida Kahlo Hollywood production...). He was killed there within the same year.

In the gardens.
Leon´s study.
The house has been kept mostly in the same condition and is pretty austere. Not a lot of decoration and very small rooms.
Boarded up kitchen window.
After multiple attacks all of the windows facing outside had to be boarded up.

Trotsky and his wife survived one attack by huddling in that corner.
Bullet holes.
Office and blocked off balcony.

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