Monday, July 9, 2012

Cathedral Bell Towers

On Saturday I went to the Zocalo with a friend to explore. I left my house at 9:30 and it was around 50 degrees out, so I was wearing a scarf and my fleece. By 11:00 the sun was out and it was HOT. I had to take my fleece off and the sun felt so good.  Unfortunately I got sun-burnt for the first time in Mexico City. First cold, first food poisoning, and first sunburn all in one week! The weather has been so cold I forgot it was possible to get sunburnt. Oh well.

Part of the reason I got sunburnt is we spent some time the rooftop of the Cathedral.

First of all, this Cathedral is the biggest in South and North America, according to WikiTravel. I read that there was a tour of the bell towers for only 15 pesos, super cheap! We decided to go for it and it was so worth it. After waiting 15 minutes we were lead to an outside door and went up some stairs.

Then we went up some smaller stairs.

Then we went up a winding metal staircase that was outside. Cue my fear of heights. I was scared!

We didn't go up these stairs.
It was so worth it once we got to the top. I couldn't believe they would let people climb on such an old structure. It was amazing!

The guide told us stories about the bells, how much they weigh, and how old they are.

At noon they rang the bells. It was surreal to be standing on the roof looking all over Mexico City listening to the bells ring. I definitely got my dollars worth.


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