Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gran Hotel

On Sunday Aaron and I treated ourselves to a night at a hotel in the historical center of Mexico City. I figured it was the only way to guarantee that Aaron at least saw some touristy stuff while he was here, since the hotel sits on the Zocalo, or main square.

We chose to stay at the Gran Hotel because it was a little nicer than the other options (Best Western?) and only cost a little more.
Tiffany Ceiling. 
Sweet lobby.
Before checking into our room we had brunch at the restaurant on the top of the hotel.
View at brunch.
When we booked our room we saw that it was only $20 to upgrade to a Junior Suite with a view of the Zocalo, so obviously we went for it (most of the hotel faces a smaller side street). Our room was definitely the biggest hotel room I've ever been in.

Our sitting room with an extra t.v. (which we didn't use) and the hallway leading to the bedroom. 

I forgot to take a picture of the bathroom, but it was super nice and there were bathrobes which just makes my life complete in any hotel.

View from our room. There was a big protest that Sunday.
The view at night was beautiful!
Complimentary chocolate covered strawberries... it was a surprise.
It was raining, so we decided to order room service, which was actually very affordable and delicious compared to room service at U.S. hotels I've been to. Plus the table they brought with a table cloth and flowers??? We loved it.

Chandelier in the entrance to the lobby.

 Aaron amazed at the chandelier... wishing he could stay longer!

It was a great hotel and very reasonably priced for the location and service. Our total bill with room service, mini bar, and a full sit down breakfast was well under $200. If you ever find yourself in Mexico City, this is a wonderful place to stay

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