Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Chilaquiles

In case there were any questions about my love of chilaquiles, I have eaten my fair share since my last post on the topic.
The chilaquiles at Sobrinos brunch in Roma were some of the best I have had (and affordable). They had the  perfect amount of cheese, sauce,and crunch. I ordered a side of "papa hash browns" with them because I was craving breakfast potatoes.

Some restaurant near the Zocalo.
I´m not sure what this place was called and it was nothing to write home about (although I guess that is what I´m doing!). They were soggy and mushy. The good thing was they were super cheap, came with two eggs, and there was pico de gallo on the table.

I´m happy to say that Aaron shared my love of chilaquiles, and we had them three times while he was here (well once I ordered huevos rancheros but only because they also came with a little side of chilaquiles).

Chilaquiles at Maque.
The chilaquiles at Maque are super good. They are willing to replace the chicken with an egg and they come with a side of refried beans. The chips are cut into small pieces so they are easier to eat. Yum! I think they come with a little too much cheese but I don´t mind pushing it off.

Cafe de Raiz.
We also shared this plate of chilaquiles at Cafe De Raiz. They were ok, but we were pretty full from the tamales we ate and think I will stick to the tamales next time I go.

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  1. YUM these look so delicious. The ones I had in Brooklyn were pretty good but I have no idea where I can find other ones here.