Friday, July 6, 2012

Roxy Icecream

While my diet the last two days has consisted only of rice, dry toast, and crackers, I did get to have my first Mexican ice-cream experience earlier this week (actually I got sorbet because of my cold, but whatever!).

I live pretty close to this ice-cream place, called Roxy. Apparently it is a chain and it is quite popular here. Its always crowded and people rave about it all of the time.

We went to check it out on Monday and it was actually really good. Its also really cheap! A single scoop is only 15 pesos... basically a dollar and some change.

One of my roommates and a coworker enjoying their macadamia nut and dulche de leche cones.

The portions are much smaller than our scoops, which I like because usually I don't want a huge thing of ice-cream. I'm not normal.

I got mine in a cup because I was too full from lunch to eat a cone. There are so many flavors I'll have to go back soon to try more!

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