Monday, July 16, 2012



Last weekend while we were in Roma eating tamales and shopping at the street market, my roommate Coline and I went to this museum that is featuring political propaganda from past Mexican elections.

They had absolutely everything from ties, pens, shopping bags, clocks, and lots of paper bills that were redeemable for cash or other stuff. There was also information on the history of Mexican elections (who was running, different historical happenings, etc.).

Ever wondered what Vicente Fox tequila tastes like?

Different campaign slogans

I found these old school bumper stickers super entertaining. You actually had to nail it to you car like a license plate.

Finally they graduated to regular stickers.

This type of stuff has been a hot issue in Mexico recently, since one of the presidential candidates is claiming that the winner bought votes by giving out grocery store gift cards, among other things. It is starkly different from the U.S. (you normally have to donate something to get a button or t-shirt), but I'm not sure how many Mexican's think it is really wrong, as the gifts are often given to extremely poor people and what is wrong with getting free stuff? 

The link below is to an interesting article on the topic where one Mexican man claims that the gifts don't influence his vote, but why not take them?

"Vote Buying Efforts Remain Time Honored as Mexicans Reap Gifts" - Bloomberg Business Week.

Also, a pretty tree.

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