Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 year.

Obviously I haven't been writing many blog posts lately because I was busy entertaining a very important guest and celebrating an important day in our lives (yesterday was our first wedding anniversary).

Aaron and I celebrated all weekend, but we made sure to have a nice dinner last night at Azul Condesa. It was reasonably priced and recommended by a lot of people as a nice fancy Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious and they were super nice to us.

Our appetizer, duck in wonton wrappers with mole sauce, to commemorate the duck we served at our wedding. I could just eat that mole sauce with a spoon.
Happy Anniversary dessert... chocolate cake with gorgonzola cheese ice-cream. So strangely delicious. 
That is my favorite shade of lipstick, called "Red Wine."
We can't believe we have been married for a whole year (plus one extra day for the leap year). It feels like our wedding was yesterday! We are looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries.

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