Sunday, July 15, 2012


I've seem tamales on the menus of various restaurants here in Mexico, but hadn't been really excited to try them until I read a blog post from a writer based in Mexico City.

Her description of Cafe de Raiz made me want to go immediately, and luckily I had a willing roommate. 

We headed to the neighborhood of Roma Norte last Sunday in the morning and walked around the market there, then found our way to Cafe de Raiz once we got hungry. Practically hidden on a side street, it was a tiny little place with two tables outside and four inside. 

They had a lot of options for tamales and breakfast. I knew I wanted the bean tamale after reading the blog post and my roommate chose a chicken and green sauce tamale. They were only 17 pesos, super cheap.

I was really happy with my tamale, it was delicious and a little spicy. I also ordered a chai tea that had the real spices in it, none of that pre-made mix stuff. I was in Miriam heaven.
Looks sorta like poo but tastes so good!
Tamales are normally wrapped in corn husks, but these were wrapped in banana leaves. My roommate said that helps keep them more moist and makes them tastier.

I plan on going back soon to try another version and see if their chilaquiles are any good!

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