Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Broccoli Avocado Tacos

On Sunday I went to a market to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. It is an indoor market pretty close to my house with tons of people selling all kinds of produce, meat, and other random stuff. My roommates have a favorite vendor they go to, so I bought some broccoli, a tomato, an onion, a cucumber, a jalapeño, and most importantly, 2 big avocados. All of that was only around 3 dollars.

Then I realized I would definitely want some fresh tortillas. I am in Mexico after all. We went to a stand that sells 100% corn tortillas. They were pressing them fresh right there with a conveyor belt and all. A half kilo bag cost 15 pesos (around a dollar and 6 cents with today´s exchange rate).

The tortillas are delicious and last night when I got home I decided to make myself a little birthday snack (which ended up being my dinner, along with a birthday cupcake one of my roommates got me). I sliced up some of the ripe avocado and put it inside the tortillas with raw broccoli and salsa verde. They were delicious, but would definitely be better with cooked broccoli. Next time I won´t be so lazy!

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