Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Streets and Sidewalks

I walk for a total of 1.5 to 2 hours each day (which makes me really hungry). I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of things I see while I´m walking so you can get an idea of what its like to walk around in Mexico City.

First of all, the sidewalks are... interesting. They seem to be random slabs of concrete thrown together, with some blocks totally torn up as if an earthquake just happened (which I guess it sorta did). This picture is actually a pretty good sidewalk. Its fine when I´m walking by myself, but when I´m with someone else and we are talking it is easy to forget to look down! I have tripped more than once, but luckily have not fallen yet. Just try walking in heels!

The second thing is that for the population of this city there are hardly any other people walking. 

Third, cars are often parked on the sidewalk and I have to walk around them.

The palm trees make up for it all.

Speaking of parking... This is not a parking lot. It is actually a diagonal intersection and I´m on the corner. The cars park in a triangle like shape and I have to walk through them to cross the street.

I walk at the same time each day, but some days there is a ton of traffic and other days there isn´t much. It seems pretty unpredictable!

And just for fun... I always smile when I see these trucks with open sides.

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  1. What an adventure! These pics are interesting. Thanks for sharing and your commentary. Xo