Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Coyoacan/San Angel Market

I finally have my camera cord, which means time for a few pictures! On Saturday I went to the suburbs/neighborhoods of Coyoacan and San Angel, which are in the southern part of Mexico City.

This square was filled with beautiful artwork and photographs. Most of it was too expensive or too big for me to buy, but I wish I could! We also went into the bazaar where there were a ton of vendors selling handmade crafts. I couldn't resist buying a couple of gifts and something for myself. 

After walking around for a while we were really hungry. We went to find a place with a cheap "comida corrida," which I guess roughly translates to a running lunch, but basically means a three course lunch for a good price. We went to a different, cheaper market and my roommate asked the vendors where a clean place to eat was.

Sauces on the table.

The restaurant.

There was a choice soup, salad or rice, and 5 different meals for around $3.50. It also came with flavored water. I had soup with pasta, the salad which was actually cooked vegetables, and a chile relleno with sauce and tortillas. I had a little bit of a jello like substance for dessert, but I was full after all the other food.

After lunch we went to a restaurant with supposedly the best margaritas in Mexico City. They were very delicious and just as good as one Aaron and I would make at home, but without all the work.

Two of my roommates enjoying their frozen margaritas.

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