Thursday, June 7, 2012

No Tenemos Agua

Before I left for Mexico I was reading a food blog and noticed they were based in Mexico City, so I looked through some of their posts specifically about life and food in Mexico City. I noticed one called ¨What to do if your water shuts off... because it will.¨  Well I didn´t read it because I wasn´t interested and knew I would have a landlord to take care of those things, but ironically I was faced with exactly that situation yesterday.

We do HAVE water, it is in an open well underground behind the house, which a toddler would definitely fall in and drown. Seeing it also made me realize why you aren´t supposed to drink the water from the tap here.

Anyway, there is water but the pump that gets it into the house is broken, so we have had to make do without while they attempt to fix it (or just buy a new one). Luckily, I joined that gym on Monday so I can shower there, but its a bit of a pain to carry everything with me on my 45 minute walk.

Brushing your teeth from a cup... flushing the toilet with a bucket of water... etc. Its just like at the summer camp I worked at once except you have to carry that bucket up three flights of stairs. Here´s to hoping they fix it while I´m at work today!

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