Friday, June 15, 2012

Where I'm Living

Here are a few pictures from where I am staying. I am on the top (third) floor until the end of June.

This is the view from my room looking down onto the street corner. The brown building is a bar with a lot of beer. Next to it is a main street with really loud traffic. Also that is definitely barbed wire! The street is closed, on this end you need a key to unlock the gate and get in. On the other end where cars can come in there are security guards.

I get to enjoy this nice big bathroom all to myself while I'm up here.

This is the door leading out of my room. Across is the entrance to the rooftop.

And finally the cute patio behind the kitchen. I had to come down those winding stairs from the roof last weekend when we got locked out. The square with the reddish cover is the water well.

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